Monday, October 31, 2011

the kid party

on sunday we took our children to a halloween party for kids. my friend kristi had a really fun halloween party at her house.

she had a huge jump house with a slide that all the kids loved. they were so funny tumbling down the slide every minute. she also had a little station where kids could decorate a small pumpkin with sharpie markers. mason and connor loved this. connor was very into coloring his pumpkin and made sure the whole pumpkin was covered with little squiggles. there was also a table set up where the kids could decorate plain sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles. there were cat and pumpkin shapes. it was very cute. all the kids got to take home little goodie bags filled with glow bracelets and toys.

poor dahlia was super tired when we got there and slept on daddy's lap for a little while. she did eventually wake up and get to enjoy the bounce house. we only stayed for a couple of hours because i started feeling really sick. luckily miles was with me to drive us home. it took an hour to get home and by then i had a really bad fever. i was up all night with the flu. yuck. i am feeling much better today but am very worried the kids are going to get sick.

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