Monday, October 31, 2011

the grown up party

miles and i went to a halloween party on saturday night for grown ups. can you believe it? a party without kids! christina was super nice and watched all three of our kids for us. i was kind of dreading dressing up and going because i waited until the last moment to find a costume and had to borrow one from my sister. i went as a witch. i have never been a witch before so it was a good costume. despite my lack of planning i had a great time at the party. i think i forgot how much fun it is to hang out with adults. it was so nice to have a conversation and not be interrupted to change a diaper or sooth a crying child.

the party was at our friend gary and stephanie's house. stephanie always does such a great job decorating and setting the mood for a party. she had lots of yummy hors d'oeuvres. everyone had really amazing costumes. if i get to go next year i am definitely planning my costume in advance.

we stayed until 12:30 which is late for us now. i would have loved to stay later but i was feeling guilty leaving my kids for so long. we all stayed the night at christina's house.

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