Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the little gym

we started gymnastic lessons this month at the little gym. mason, dahlia, and bodhi are all taking a class. connor is too young. jen and i signed them up for four lessons through groupon. it was crazy cheap. we are thinking we will continue lessons for the whole season when the trial lessons are over. i just have to see if we can fit it in our budget.

the kids love their classes. mason is in a different class from bodhi and dahlia. they are broken up according to age. they are one hour long and mason's is after dahlia's so i end up staying there for over two hours waiting for the classes to finish. it is a bit exhausting. the hard part is entertaining connor for that long. an impossible task.

it is really cute though. the parents get to watch the classes through a glass window so we are not in the gym with them. they do lots of fun stuff like floor exercises, walking on a balance beam, doing somersaults on a large blown up air mattress, and flips on the bars. they are having a blast.

after class is over jen, bodhi, and kira come to our house for dinner. the kids get to play together and then they all take a bath and get ready for bed. it is fun to have people over during the week. a nice break from homework.

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