Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of july and crawling

i have decided that jen and rays house is the magic house for crawling, or maybe the 4th of july is the magic day for crawling. either way both dahlia and connor started crawling at jen and rays house on the 4th of july. two years apart that is. hurray for connor. we can now say he is officially crawling.

we spent the holiday weekend at jen and ray's house. christina and zena were also spending the weekend there. we had big plans to take all the kids to the beach and let them play in the water, but it was just too cold. instead we hung out at jen and rays eating yummy food and chatting until it was time to go see the fireworks. i decided to not go this year. dahlia is really afraid of fireworks and it would be way past connor's bed time so i stayed back with them. miles took mason with everyone else to the firework show. somehow it doesn't really feel like the 4th of july for me without fireworks. i was happy when everyone came back and we all stayed the night. it was so fun to have a sleepover. we were all so excited to hang out together.

today we took a long walk to the beach and the santa monica pier. the kids got to play in the sand for a while. i was wishing we had put them in their suits and did the whole beach thing. they really wanted to play in the water. we will have to have a full beach day soon. mason and dahlia love it. after playing in the sand the kids had corn dogs for lunch on the boardwalk. we had a nice leisurely walk back to jen and rays and then stayed for dinner. it was such a lovely weekend. i am sad to be back home. it felt like a mini vacation.

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