Tuesday, July 27, 2010

susies pool

we have been swimming at susies house again this year. we love going to susies to swim. too bad she is usually working and can't swim with us. she is so nice to let us crash her pool. mason and dahlia are really getting brave in the water. they have never been afraid of the water thank goodness but i think mason can't wait to really learn how to swim. he has a little swim ring and floaties that he uses to swim all around the pool. dahlia and bodhi love to swim in the little boat and take turns with that.

i usually put connor in the water carrier so i can wear him in the water with the other two. it is made out of neoprene so it keeps him warm and he loves to be in the water. we usually swim for at least an hour and he never cries to get out. of course all that swimming makes us hungry so afterward we head straight to golden spoon for frozen yogurt. strawberry for dahlia and vanilla for mason. yum.

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