Friday, July 16, 2010

angels game

i took mason and dahlia to their first baseball game. miles stayed home with connor because he doesn't really like baseball. christina and zena went with us. we got tickets through the church so it was only $6.00 per person and that included a drink and a hot dog. what a great deal! mason and dahlia loved the game. the los angeles angels were playing the seattle mariners. i was so happy we won with a final score of mariners 3, angels 8. we didn't stay until the end of the game though. the kids got really tired around the 6th inning so we decided to leave. they were so good. i thought sitting through a long game would be too dull for them and they would go crazy but they were great. they just sat in their seat eating their hot dogs and watching the game. christina was so funny explaining the game to mason saying the first thing you need to play baseball is a pair of really tight pants. i don't think we even know the rules. it was really fun though. maybe next time we can get miles to go with us.

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