Monday, July 12, 2010

connor's baptism

connor got baptized. yay. i have been looking forward to this day for a very long time. we had him baptized at the wayfarers chapel where we were married. all three of our children have been baptized there. it is so nice to go back there and think that seven years ago when miles and i stood up by the altar there were only two of us and now there are five. so crazy. i love that we seem to return there every two years to baptize a new baby and remember the vows that we exchanged that day. although i think this tradition is coming to an end because we don't have any plans for more babies.

connor cried during his baptism and this really bummed me out. he is such a happy smiley baby that i didn't worry that he might cry. just one more reminder of how unpredictable kids are. it was still a sweet ceremony and i am so grateful that my all of my family was there to share it with us.

the baptism was at noon and we all went back to our house afterward for a party. we ended up celebrating the july birthdays at the same time. we had carne asada and salmon tacos. i served a pitcher of margaritas and made it a real summer time celebration. i made four homemade cakes for all of the birthday people so they could each have their own. susan, ray, bob, and jon all have their birthdays in july. zena also has a july birthday but she always gets her own party. it was so fun to have the whole family together. summer parties are so relaxing. the day went by way too quickly just like all fun parties seem to. thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate.

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