Tuesday, July 6, 2010

treasure bags

i made these cute treasure bags for all the kids. the bags are made with window screen so they filter out the sand when collecting shells.

the project comes from amanda soule's book handmade home. this is a really great book full of inspiring projects to sew for your family and home. i have a few bookmarked for the future. i had so much fun making these little bags. i used fabric paint and rubber stamps for the names and bought the window screen at a hardware store. i even made my own double-fold bias tape for the trim. i have been wanting to do that for a while. it was easy. i did have some trouble sewing the straps on the bag. they were too thick. i used belting. i actually broke a needle. i ended up buying some needles for thicker fabric so hopefully i won't be breaking any more.

the kids love their bags and have had fun collecting shells, rocks and leaves during our walks.

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christina said...

Sister - these are so cute. Z loves hers. Thank you for being so sweet & making them for all the kids.