Monday, July 19, 2010

zena's party

my niece zena had a pool party for her 9th birthday yesterday. she had the party at our friend's dad's house. parties there are always so much fun. they have a huge pool with a slide and separate hot tub. there is a large outdoor covered patio with a bar complete with a sink. there is never any need to go indoors. everything you need is right there.

i loved the party. mason and dahlia were in heaven swimming all day. they pretty much were in the pool the whole time. even connor had fun splashing in the kiddy pool. dahlia was very brave and went down the slide twice. so cute. miles and i were each assigned a kid or two to watch so there was really no down time for us to socialize. that is the one bummer of bringing kids to a party. you don't really get to talk to anybody. we had so much fun i didn't even realize when we left that we had already been there for seven hours. crazy. the poor kids were exhausted. it really was a perfect summer bash. happy birthday zena!

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