Friday, July 30, 2010

9 months

connor is nine months old. he is now 17 pounds 3 ounces and 26.5 inches long. wow. he has really changed in the last month. it is just crazy. he started crawling shortly after turning 8 months and has just been going everywhere. he crawls really fast so i have to run around closing doors to the laundry room and other places leading to steps. he will grab onto any little chair and climb up to standing. oh my. there has been lots of falling down this month. poor little guy.

he also got his first teeth. oh yes. mommy became a victim to that first tooth. ouch. he now has two. so cute. i love his little smile. he loves to say dada. everything is dada. he will say mom mom momaa when he is hungry and just waking up but after that everything is dada or da.

he has been so much more active this month. i put him in the little blow up pool and he loved it. he was splashing around like crazy. he gets so excited on our outings. i take him everywhere with me. now if all three are not with me i feel like it is too quiet. i actually like the chaos of having all three. they are really sweet together most of the time. it is a challenge though. i usually have connor in the baby carrier and then i push the double stroller with mason and dahlia. i get quite the workout going up hills. we are having such a fun summer together. my little angel is growing up.

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