Wednesday, July 14, 2010

keeping cool

we are not running our air conditioner this year again. oh my. so far the summer has been really mild, but i think it is making up for it this week. ugh. it is so so hot. last night the thermometer said it was 91 degrees in our house at ten o'clock at night. at night! i can handle the day time heat but to have it hot at night is just too much.

so to get away from the heat we have been going to the air conditioned discovery science center. jen and bodhi picked up zena and met us there. i love this place. we have a membership so we don't have to pay every time we go. that is nice, and it is educational so i feel good about letting the kids play there. it is very interactive and they love it. the new rocket launch exhibit is a real hit with mason. dahlia thinks it is too loud. they both love the tinker toy exhibit. i think mason could build things in there all day. bodhi was fond of the dinosaur puzzle, and zena had fun looking at the grossology exhibit. there is something for everyone.

after our full day of playing at the science center jen and i were brave and took all the kids to eat lunch at california pizza kitchen. what were we thinking? it wasn't so bad though. connor was cracking me up shoving bread in his mouth. so funny.

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