Sunday, October 20, 2013

camp nicky

this was a party weekend. we went to another great birthday party yesterday. it was for our friend's son nicky. he is now five. they had the party at their house and did a camping theme. everything was amazing as usual. the party was outside and they had these cute little A-frame tents for the kids to play in. connor and kira loved the little tents and thought it was a perfect place to have a snack.

there was a fun scavenger hunt that kids could play anytime they wanted to. you just grabbed a list and went around looking for the various objects. they also had crafts to make owls and pages to color.

there was a huge dessert table filled with adorable sweet things. there was cake, peppermint cupcakes, cake pops, chocolate truffles that looked like acorns, caramel apples, and a smores cake. then later they set up a s'mores station to make the ultimate smore. they had tons of different chocolate like andes, reese's peanut butter cups, and dark chocolate. the marshmallows were homemade. wow. dahlia said they were the best marshmallows she had ever tasted.

if you were in the mood for something savory they had a taco guy there making taco's to your liking and quesadillas for the kids. we were very well fed.

the kids spent most of the time in the bounce house. when it was time to go all the kids got to take home a lantern, homemade binoculars, and some bunny, fox, raccoon, or bear ears. jen and ray spent the night with their kids. it was a fun day.

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