Monday, October 28, 2013

castle party

yesterday we had mason and connor's birthday party. oh man parties are so much work. i do love them though. this party was huge. mason has a lot more friends now and we just keep adding to the guest list. it was a great party.

miles went over the top with my idea of turning the tree house into the castle tower. instead of painting cardboard he made these huge wooden panels that connected to the sides of the treehouse. it looked amazing. he also made shields out of foam core for the kids to decorate with stickers and jewels. the girls could choose to make a shield or a crown or both. this was a huge hit with the kids. they loved decorating their shields. we gave them all foam swords to go with them.

we had a bounce house that looked like a castle. they all loved jumping in this. we didn't play any organized games because i just can not handle trying to get 16 kids to follow directions. i just let them play so the grown-ups could talk.

for food i ordered corner bakery sandwiches. they were delicious. we did this for dahlia's party last year and everyone loved them. i loved them because they were easy. we also had pasta salad, green salad, fruit, cheese and veggies on the side. i made cupcakes for dessert and my sister made her famous sugar cookies. this time they were in the shape of dragons, crowns, wine goblets, and the letters c and m. i kept the party favors simple with chessmen cookies in bags with a custom label.

it was so nice to see all our friends. it seems lately that our kid's parties are the only time we all get together. i loved having a chance to catch up with everyone. happy birthday connor and mason!

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