Tuesday, October 15, 2013

secret stairs

my girlfriend and i have been getting together on tuesday mornings to exercise. i love it. it is the only hour or so in the week that i get to do something for me. it is very fun.

we started out just walking around the neighborhood around her house. we usually walk around three miles. it is super fun. now we have switched it up and have been doing walking tours from a book called secret stairs. there are all these public staircases around los angeles that have sometimes been forgotten and neglected. the author created little walking tours that highlight the stairs and architecture in different neighborhoods.

today we did a walk in highland park. it was an easy one with only 342 steps. it featured craftsman homes. it was the first walk i have done from the book but my friend margaret has done a few of these before so she led the way reading from the book as our tour guide. it was really fun. i never would have done this walk by myself though. it takes you through some pretty crappy areas. lots of trash on the street and smells i would like to never experience again. but for the most part it was really interesting and the houses were cool. it is a great way to see the city.

our walk lasted for almost two hours and then i had to rush to pick up connor from preschool. i can't wait to do another one.

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