Tuesday, October 22, 2013

trick or treat with mickey

we had an amazing day yesterday. i picked the kids up early from school and we went to disneyland for mickey's trick or treat party. miles left work early so he could go with us. we met jen, ray, bodhi, and kira there.

they let us into the park at 3:00 for the special event. the kids changed into their costumes once it got dark and the trick or treating started. at 6:00 pm the park closes for everyone else and the lines to get on the rides are super short. the kid's costumes were so cute. mason was indiana jones, dahlia was jasmine, connor was spiderman, bodhi was mario, and kira was princess peach. they all got tons of candy. it was really a bit much. at the trick or treat stations they would just put a handful of candy into your bag.

dahlia lost her first tooth on the pirates of the carribean ride. we were so surprised. i didn't even know it was loose. i put it in my purse for safe keeping.

mason said it was the best day ever. we left at 9:30 because it was a school night and that already was too late. i really wanted to stay later. it made me realize just how much i miss going to disneyland. we need to save up for passes again.

the only drag was that when we were driving home i got a call from jen saying their car had died on the freeway and she needed me to rescue them. luckily we were almost home so i dropped off the kids and miles and went to pick them up. they were stranded on the center divider between two freeways. it was pretty scary. they had the car towed. i didn't get home until super late.

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