Friday, October 11, 2013

mind blowing science

mason got this cool science kit for his birthday and after school today we got to do some experiments. the first one we did was to make some slime. this is easily accomplished with some cornstarch, food coloring and water. this was dahlia's favorite activity. she could not stop playing with the slime.

our second experiment was called color changing liquids. this involved mixing citric acid, and baking soda to water colored with red cabbage powder. it was a really fun activity that had the liquids changing from purple to blue or red depending on if you added citric acid or baking soda. it also made the liquid fizzy and more fun. they were super excited about this one.

our last experiment used cross-linked polyacrylamide crystals, red cabbage powder and water to make colorful jiggly crystals. basically you just add colored water to the crystals and wait until they absorb all the water and become soft. this project takes quite a while so it was the last one we did today. we still have a lot more projects to do.

mason exclaimed that science is his favorite and he loves his mind blowing science kit.

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