Saturday, October 12, 2013

heritage day festival

we woke up crazy early today and went to placentia for the heritage day festival. there is a small parade, then at the end of the parade there is a party in the park with booths that sell food or crafts. they also had a bunch of blow up slides and bounce houses for the kids to play in. there is a car show there as well displaying lots of cool looking cars.

i took dahlia and connor with me. mason said he didn't want to go because "parades are boring." he stayed home with miles and later said he should have gone with us. ha. i knew he would be missing out.

we had lots of fun. connor was so cute. he loved watching the parade. he waved at everyone walking by. when we got to the park i spoiled the kids and bought them a snow cone and popcorn. we walked all around the booths and then looked at the car show. we couldn't stay too long because dahlia had a dance class at 1:30. i was rushing like crazy to get there on time but we were still ten minutes late. there was an accident on the freeway and i was stuck. ugh. oh well. at least we managed to get there.

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Marisa said...

Sherry, You're so sweet to comment on my blog. What a nice surprise. I never comment on blogs anymore due to a sheer lack of time. It was so very nice to see you over the holiday. A real highlight for me. Your family is a lot of fun, and I think I'm in love w/ adorable D! She is so very cute. Miss you.