Sunday, October 13, 2013

mayors park

we went to the sweetest little birthday party today. it was held in a tiny park in la cananda called mayors discovery park. there were only about ten kids and the parents so it was a nice intimate group. they had lots of classic park games and a few new ones that were really fun.

the party started with a large spiderweb made from string. every child was given an end of the rope and a stick to wind it. they had to wind up their string until they reached the end. on the very end there was a prize. all the kids loved this game. it was nice because everyone won. there were also classic games such as walking with an egg on a spoon and the three legged race. they played another fun game where each team of two kids were given wooden blocks to assemble into the tallest structure they could without it falling down. they had two minutes to finish and keep it standing until the whistle blew.

dahlia was the big winner of the day. she is crazy competitive and took home three first place blue ribbons, and a red second place ribbon that she gave to connor. i was actually feeling bad for the other kids because she won every game. the parents thought it was very funny that she was beating out the older boys. poor mason and the birthday boy ended up crying at the end because they didn't win. luckily all was forgotten by time we had some birthday pie. homemade apple pie. yummy.

they did a cute craft where they got to decorate a large first letter of their name and then they all got goody bags filled with color pencils, notebooks, and scented markers. i loved the little party. such a nice treat to have fun without a big production.

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