Wednesday, October 30, 2013

connor is four

how can this be? my baby boy is now four years old. time has just flown by. i cannot tell you enough about how much i adore my sweet little angel. he is definitely a mommy's boy and i don't mind a bit. he is crazy cute and so bursting with personality. he loves to dress up in costumes: spiderman, indiana jones, a king... everyday he is a new character. he is also crazy about ninjago. kai is his favorite. he really wanted a ninjago birthday party but i convinced him to share the castle party with mason.

he grew up so much this last year. he is now completely potty trained, he gave up his bottle, and he gets himself dressed. he is a big boy now. he still sleeps in our bed with us, and will only let mommy get him out of bed. that is fine. one step at a time. he loves preschool. i was so worried when he started but he loves it. he tells me, "i don't like preschool, i love it!" so funny.

he plays with dahlia and mason and is equally entertained by both. he loves to play minecraft and x-box games with mason almost as much as he loves playing mermaid and baby dolls with dahlia. his favorite color is red. he is still on the small side. 15-25% in height and weight, but i don't worry. he will catch up.

happy fourth birthday to my beautiful baby boy.

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