Saturday, October 5, 2013


dahlia's dance class performed a short recital at the annual oktoberfest celebration in montrose. it was cute. i have never been to an oktoberfest celebration. i guess because i am not really into beer and lederhosen. truthfully we left before the celebration had really begun. she did her dance onstage at noon and the festival was starting then. we left after it was over because it was mason's birthday and i was happy to just go home. miles and her brothers were waiting at home with granny for us.

we had fun. we got there early and decided to get a frozen yogurt because it was crazy hot outside. her dance was short but sweet. she did a ballet routine. she is not at all shy onstage which is a wonderful change from mason who hates to be the center of attention. this is her first year in the advanced class and she is liking it but she thinks it is a little hard. i think it is a little hard too, but she is doing great. much better i think than i could do. i am so proud of her. my little girl all grown up and yes she is wearing red lipstick. she is on stage after all.

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