Saturday, June 8, 2013

dahlia kitty

this was a big day for us. dahlia had her end of the year dance recital. she did a tap routine to the song stray cat strut. her costume is crazy cute. she looked like a little cat. she was just beautiful.

she was worried about being backstage without me so i signed up to be a backstage mom. it was kind of stressful for me. there were fourteen little girls to look after and i had to make sure that their costume stayed nice and help them to use the bathroom. of course every little girl had to go to the bathroom at least once. i was lucky though. there were three other backstage moms for our group. our group was a combination of two classes so it was a large one.

dahlia did great. she was not nervous at all. she did look off to the side to watch her teacher do the routine but she did it right along. i was so proud. i can't wait to get the dvd and see it from the audience perspective. miles came with mason and connor and watched from the audience. they gave her flowers when she was done. dahlia was sad that her other relatives couldn't make it. next year they will come for sure.

whew! i am so happy we are done. all the end of the year performances are exhausting.

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