Friday, June 21, 2013

enjoying the sun

what a fun day we had. jen, bodhi, and kira came over yesterday and the kids went to the little gym for a summer camp day. they love the summer camp days because mason, dahlia, and bodhi get to be in the same class. kira took a separate class with jen and connor stayed with me. i was hoping to enroll connor in the camp days but we are not quite done potty training so he can't go just yet. maybe before the end of summer i can put him in.

after class jen and the kids came to our house for a sleepover. it was so fun. we love having them over. we set up the little pool in the backyard and they all had a great time swimming.

later the boys played super mario bros. on the wii and the girls played with their dolls. jen and i cooked a delicious salmon dinner with couscous and carrots.

after the kids went to sleep jen and i wanted to watch jaws. this is my favorite movie. we didn't get too far into it before jen was falling asleep though. figures. man, one of these days we are going to get through a movie without falling asleep.

this morning we enjoyed a nice breakfast of homemade waffles before saying goodbye and rushing off to swimming lessons. i am so excited it is summer and can't wait to have another sleepover.

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