Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the yogurt shop

we went to santa monica today to visit jen, ray, bodhi, and kira. it is so nice to be on summer break. we can do whatever we want most days. today the kids wanted to visit their cousins.

after taking out all of bodhi and kira's toys to play with at their house we decided to go for a walk. we ended up walking to the local frozen yogurt shop for a treat. the kids sat at one table and jen and i sat at another. it was cute to watch them at their own table. they are so independent now. i could just picture them when they are old enough to go out without us. they are going to have so much fun.

we couldn't stay long. we would have liked to stay all day but jen had plans so we will just have to come back next week. i love getting to spend more time with them.

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