Sunday, June 16, 2013

fathers day

we had a great fathers day this year. we went to my sister christina's house. it was so fun. the men grilled burgers outside and the girls got to prepare food and chat inside.

miles was disappointed to find out we were having burgers for dinner. he was hoping for a steak. i should really cook some meat for him once in a while but i just don't know how. poor guy. anyway we had a nice dinner and i baked a homemade carrot cake for dessert. it is my dad's favorite and it was his birthday yesterday.

dahlia insisted on making cards for all her uncles even if they were not fathers. she wanted to show them how much they are loved. so sweet. i didn't make barbecue sauce this year because i don't want to be that predictable but i did buy some gifts for the dads instead. books and movies. my favorite things.

happy fathers day to all you dads out there.

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