Sunday, June 9, 2013

party at the gym

miles and i took the kids to their friends birthday party today. the party was at the little gym. not our little gym but a newer and larger one. it was super nice. our little gym is much smaller.

dahlia and mason felt right at home there in the gym and got to show off all of their skills. dahlia was hula hooping and doing cartwheels. mason did a handstand when they "slammed the cheese." they had a great time. the best part was that connor got to join in the fun. he has not taken a gym class yet and i can tell that he is really ready for it. he had a blast hanging on the bars, walking on the balance beam, and jumping on the blow up mat. i really need to sign him up for some classes this coming year.

after we got home dahlia wanted to go out to eat so we took the kids to a soup plantation near our house. it was the very first time that all five of us were at a restaurant together. it was so fun. i wish we would eat out more often. i am tired of cooking all the time.

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