Tuesday, June 25, 2013

discovery science center

we wanted to go swimming yesterday and drove to orange county to use my sisters pool. when we got there we found out that the pool heater was broken and the pool was freezing cold so we decided to go to the discovery science center instead. i was actually a little happy to not go swimming. it was cloudy and not a great day for the pool. jen, bodhi, and kira were also with us.

the discovery science center has this really fun exhibit going on right now featuring lego castles. mason was loving it. they had little lego stations set up where you could build whatever you wanted. they also had a large castle to play in and a giant dragon and knight made out of legos.

upstairs they had our usual favorites including the recycling sorting game where the kids learn how to sort the trash into different recycling bins. there is also the eco friendly grocery shoppping exhibit where the kids get to learn what food packages are earth friendly by scanning items in a pretend grocery store with a computer telling you what to look for. it is fun and of course educational.

it had been quite a while since we had been there and there was a lot of new things to look at. the thing i like the best about this museum is that almost everything is interactive. they do have another exhibit going on now about da vinci but there were a lot of objects that were not supposed to be touched and the kids didn't really like that section.

we had a great time and stayed until it was closing. after we left we went back to my sisters house to eat dinner and give the kids bathes.

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