Tuesday, June 4, 2013

last day of school

mason had his last day of school today. it was a short day so i picked him up at 12:30. while he was in class dahlia, miles, connor, and i painted a big sign that said welcome summer. this has become our little tradition to start our summer. of course this year dahlia doesn't get out of school until june 12 so we don't really start summer until then.

the kids were so excited to run through and rip the sign. we actually had to tape it back together and let connor run through again because he said he didn't get to rip it.

today was also the last day of soccer and the last dance class. it was a day of finishing things up. the last day of school is always a little sad for me. i actually ended up really liking mason's teacher and will be sad to have a new one next year.

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