Wednesday, June 19, 2013

swimming in pajamas

the kids were so funny today. dahlia wanted to swim so i set up the big backyard pool for her. mason and connor said they did not want to so they never put their swim suits on.

while i was fixing lunch somehow mason and connor ended up in the pool having a splashing/wrestling match with dahlia. all while wearing their pajamas. they were cracking me up. they were completely soaked.

it was so nice to see them all playing together. lately dahlia has been feeling left out because the boys always want to play video games and she doesn't want to.

of course swimming in your pajamas is not the most comfortable thing in the world so it soon ended up that they abandoned the pajamas and were just swimming and running around the yard in the nude. these silly kids. it totally reminded me of when we were potty training dahlia and i would just let her run around naked in the yard. so funny. we are really enjoying the warm weather. it is so nice to be outside all day. yay for summer.

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