Sunday, June 2, 2013

time for cherries

we went cherry picking today. yay. i am so happy we got to go. we usually wait until the end of june so it was nice to go early. the only drag was that they didn't have any rainier cherries that were ripe yet. bummer. i think we brought home brooks and bing cherries. they are delicious though.

mason, dahlia, and connor were so excited when they heard we were picking cherries. mason said it is more fun than playing on the ipad. they did almost all the picking and we went home with over seven pounds of cherries. mason didn't want to stop. he was loving it. miles and ray came with us this year. it was nice to have the men along to help keep track of all the kids. it is easy to get lost in the orchard.

it is a long drive out there and it was crazy hot. at one point i was thinking that going to whole foods would be so much easier. of course it is totally worth it and has now become a summer tradition for us.

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