Sunday, June 30, 2013

party in the park

miles and i took the kids to a birthday party in the park by our house today. it was crazy hot. over 100 degrees. we really didn't want to go but it was super close and for two of our kid's good friends.

it has been a rough week. both dahlia and mason were sick this week with the flu. that on top of the insane heat has made things unbearable around here. we have been hiding out in the air conditioned part of the house.

anyway we went to the park and stayed for three hours. the kids were being antisocial and wanted to play at the playground instead of participating in the games so i took them over there. i did manage to get them back to the party when it was time to break the pinata. nobody can resist a pinata. we didn't stay for cake. it was too hot to eat cake and we were all super tired. i was happy we went though.

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