Thursday, June 6, 2013

show week

what a crazy busy week this is for us. yesterday and today we had show week for mason and dahlia at the little gym. show week is where the kids perform all the skills they have learned throughout the year during gym class. the parents get to come inside the gym and watch.

dahlia had her performance yesterday and she did great. she was the best one in her class. they move from each section of the gym and show the vault, floor exercise, balance beam, and the uneven bars. dahlia is really into it. she practices her cartwheels and hand stands everyday at home.

for mason's class it is a lot like the men's gymnastics they have the vault, parallel bars, and the horizontal high bar. they also did a floor exercise. they don't do the pommel horse or still rings yet. i have seen them practice on the still rings but they didn't show it today.

at the end of the performance the kids get called up on the mat and get a metal. dahlia and mason were so excited to get another metal to match the one they got last year.

it is a really basic gymnastic class. they just focus on having fun. i would love to move dahlia to a different gym that is a bit more serious about teaching gymnastics but she loves it here so i guess we will stay for at least another year. mason doesn't seem to be that interested but he told me he wants to take the class again and i think it is good for building your muscles so i signed him up. now i just have to find a time slot that works for connor.

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