Wednesday, June 12, 2013

last day of preschool

today was dahlia's last day of preschool. i was so sad to have her school end. she will be starting kindergarten at mason's school next year. luckily connor is starting school at the preschool next year so i don't have to be too sad. i really hope he gets the same teachers that she had. i loved her teachers.

they had a party for their last day and i had signed up to organize it with three other moms. we did kind of a beach/luau theme. i made these delicious fruit kabobs with watermelon, pineapple, and strawberries. i also put together a goody bag to take home that was a sand bucket filled with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a water gun, and fruit chews. the other moms made sandwiches and cupcakes so there was lots for them to eat.

it was really sweet and fun for the kids. they played a shark game where they got to toss bean bags into a cardboard shark mouth. later they took a picture with their head in the shark mouth. it was so funny.

i was so happy to get to be there for the last day. this was the first time i got to watch her in her classroom. miles was nice enough to watch mason and connor for me.

when we got home we did another run through the paper sign to start summer. the three kids held hands and ran through.

now our summer can really start.

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